Benefits of Block Play for kids 2023

benefits of block play for kids
block play

The Block Play for kids offers big opportunities for children to explore a new idea, create new and unique creations. Learn educational skills as well. It also helps in physical development. The Benefits of Block Play for kids are listed below.

Benefits of playing with blocks:

  1. Imagination: Blocks are available in different colors and sizes, so children are free to use their imagination and ideas to create different structures and objects, by playing with building blocks children give shape to the image that they have in their mind, in this way imagination transforms into a real object.
  2. Show expression:Children show expressions by creating new structures, discover new ideas, creating new objects. From their creations, structures, objects, we can understand what they learn while playing with blocks.
  3. Problem-solving skills:building blocks are a great way for kids to learn problem-solving skills. They try to build a structure base on their imagination or other picture they’ve seen. A child used all blocks and finally learn which block fits or which not, now the child starts using his problem-solving skills in order to complete the desired object or structure.
  4. Learn alphabet and numbers: Building blocks come in thousand of shapes, sizes, and colors that provide a huge opportunity for children to learn. They can learn counting and alphabet with the blocks that have numbers and alphabets printed on them. A child satisfies their thirst by completing the project alongside educational skills.
  5. Eye-hand coordination:  Block playing develops, and enhances eye-hand coordination as the child chooses, holds, moves the blocks to form a shape. Playing with block also strengthen the small muscles of the fingers and hands of children.

The Benefits of Block Play for kids

Creativity: Blocks promote creativity, children are not restricted to create limited shapes and patterns. They are free to use different combinations of blocks to form a unique creation that satisfies them.

Self esteem:

Children try to complete the creation and, when they successfully form the shape or object  they experience a sense of achievement and get confident to create more, they also feel the self esteem.

Now we can easily understand the importance of playing with blocks for children. Parents should buy the best quality building blocks for the physical and mental growth of their children.

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